FIFA 2020 vs PES 2020


While both gaming opponents traveled the extra mile every year to surpass the other, this year it was PES who launched its first killer shock to the leader in the industry. Since EA Sports’ partnership with the Italian winners came to an end on June 30. Juventus secured a new deal with gaming opponents Konami.

It has led to fans curious if Cristiano Ronaldo (who has been the cover star for the last two versions of FIFA) will be available or not in the latest edition. And from EA’s side. FIFA will have its wonder element in the name of Volta, as well as a five-a-side game. Whereas Juventus’ original black and white color pattern will only be available in eFootball PES 2020. With this addition and the PES 2020 holding rights to Messi and FC Barcelona. FIFA 20 vs PES 2020 competition is set for a whole new level of gaming knowledge.

And this year, there can be a new champion in the sports-games segment, seeing the unique approaches from both the parties towards the gaming generation.

This year PES is a little stronger…for keeping the colors and Key-Players on their side.

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