Newcastle United New Owner:

They may well sense morally ‘torn’ about their Saudi Arabian overthrow. But Georgie Bingham believes it is too late to start kicking off’ about the new football impact from the Middle East.


Amanda Staveley is set to complete a £300million overthrow of Newcastle

The £300m deal, which is backed by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Account and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, could transform into one of the wealthiest clubs in the Premier League and even world football.

It’s everything the Toon Army have ever required. Public enemy No.1 Ashley out of their club and new holders who can lastly help Newcastle get back to the top.

But the deal has brought with it some serious moral questions over just where that money is coming from.


Amnesty International has convicted the move and has doubtful the Middle Eastern Kingdom of trying to use Newcastle as a ‘PR tool’ as an attempt to ‘sports wash’ they are cheered human rights record.

It’s something that won’t sit right with a lot of Newcastle fans. Who has electioneered against Ashley and his ‘money first’ mentality of running the club and his other businesses? And also against payday loan company Wonga’s support of the club back in 2012.

None of Mike Ashley’s efforts to sell Newcastle have come to completion:

But Weekend Sports Breakfast host Bingham says it is too late to complain about the questionable morals behind their Saudi takeover now.

“If I were a Newcastle fan, I’d be very of two minds,” said the talk SPORT announcer on Saturday.

“I understand they will celebrate the leaving of Mike Ashley vociferously. But the Saudi Arabian rule is very heavily involved in a modern PR campaign. While still practicing some very archaic things that are not human rights-friendly.

Saudi Arabian money from the very highest Newcastle United new owner, the Crown Prince, is about to go into Newcastle.

“So it is very difficult for Newcastle fans.

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