Ronaldo wants to break Pele record

Ex-Manchester United defender Gary Neville has faith in Cristiano Ronaldo [CR7] is aiming Pele’s goal-scoring record. Calling the Juventus forward’s drive ‘out of the world.’
The Sky Sports pundit spoke of the time he joints with CR7 in Manchester and the role the United manager and his assistant had on the Portuguese legend.

“Sir Alex and Carlos Queiroz. I think it is important to put Carlos Queiroz in the type with Sir Alex, they were both champions of him, they both have faith in him,” Neville told Sky.
“I think that Ronaldo came back from the World Cup that summer it was like everything had transformed. His maturity and his decision-making, which was a big thing, his experience, and his physical qualities had completely changed overnight.

“He went from somebody who, if you look at his first pictures at Man United, he was scrawny, really thin, wiry, didn’t look very strong.

“All of a rapid, I think it was after that 2006 World Cup trophy matches, he came back like a super-middleweight boxer. His body had just completely transformed, he was absolutely unbelievable.
“From a tough point of view and a plyometric point, the skill to jump, the ability to score with his head, the ability to change direction, everything seems to fall into place.

It was just maturity, physically, mentally, everything will place to him.

“It was excellent to the lookout, there was a point I remember going into the gym after one training session and speaking to Mike Clegg [United’s strength and training coach] who worked very hard with Cristiano physically in the gym and saying to him, ‘I don’t know what he is going to do next’.

“But they had great trust in him, Sir Alex Ferguson and Queiroz, and they believed in him.  Put him forward in front of players who had greater standings at the time and he developed into something wonderful.
“His drive was out of this world to become the best in the world.

He’s one of the very few players that I have played with that would publicly announce that the individual trophies were important to him.
“He just desired to be very. Very best in the world and it is so important to him.

“It is a passion. Absolute passion with scoring goals. Applying himself every single day, being the suitable he can possibly be. I think he has lifted his professionalism every single year and advanced.
“Jamie [Carragher] stated before about James Milner not up to scratch to play into his late 30s and 40s. I think he [CR7] has a plan to go on and take over Pele’s record.

“I genuinely have faith in he wants to go on and beat Pele’s numbers.
Let’s see what’s going to happen in the future…

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